Dear Customers and Friends,

As you know, for the last few years, every diamond sold by us to you has been tested for CVD (Lab Grown Process) in our Overseas Offices.

However, once Diamonds are shipped, they are now opened by Customs in the Country of Origin (Hong Kong, India, Belgium, etc) and again by U.S. Customs upon arrival.

As of this week, in order to offer you maximum security, we are adding a second test in our New York office. We will be using the DiaTrue Scanner, which incorporates the latest technology available in the market. Here is an image of the scanner:

Every diamond is being checked for:

  1. CVD (Lab Grown Process)
  2. HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature, which enhances Color)
  3. CZ, (Cubic Zirconia)
  4. Moissanite, (Diamond Simulant)
  5. CZ with CVD cover (The latest Scam)

Every diamond you receive from us has gone through this double testing.

I cannot stress enough the importance of being completely sure that all your diamonds are natural, so you have absolute protection against any legal action.

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.


Danny Messing